Wine Carafe with Handmade Felt Balls (yes, we're serious!)

We love wine and we love felt balls. This cute little treat will add whimsy to your craft area and then when you've used these bobbles up you have a great carafe to fill with your beverage of choice!


Each carafe is filled to the brim with around 200 (yes 200!) 1/2 felt balls!

Use these felt balls notions to attach into a tassel or bow. Use it as a button or as a border. They are very easy to sew into so you can attach them anywhere. They are also great for making jewelry that is light in weight and is perfect for kids!
They are painstakingly handmade in Nepal at women's co-ops.
Can be used:
as a bead for making necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, headbands,…
for decorating clothes, bags, belts,…
for scrapbooking,
for textile projects,
as interior decoration, etc.
There is no hole in the felt bead but you can pierce it with a regular needle.
They come covered with a couple pieces of reclaimed silk and tied off with a reclaimed sari ribbon bow.
Tell me that's not a perfect gift for you or a friend?!
But hurry supplies are limited!

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