Sewing: Joie's Creations: Luxurious Silk Dog Bed

What makes this whimsical dog bed look so fancy and complex is the variety of patterns, texture and variation of color and shade. The bed itself is quite easy to construct. Give it a whirl... you can so do this!
This kit gives you an ample amount of silk to create a couple dog beds ranging from small (24"x17") to extra large (48"x30'). If you have a small pup, you will have plenty of left over to create some pillows, doggie place mats or anything!! 
The "Joie's Creation" collection is new here at Darn Good Yarn but Joie has been playing with our crafting goodies for years. She is a dear friend of mine(Nicole) and one day I asked her to bring her patterns to us because she is a wealth of creativity and she can explain it too (what a combo!). So, I hope you enjoy! Joie creates her patterns from her home in north-central Maine (ah yes, nice and serene in nature).
Let's talk about the fabric. It's all new but can you believe it was going to be thrown out in India. Well, I have a great co-op that helps me bring the Recycled Resolution to you, these same ladies found a stock of this high-grade brilliantly colored and patterns silks.
You will also get the wonderful easy-to-follow pattern and you can create this easily in the weekend. And each dog bed is going to come out just a little bit differently so your creation will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art!
We can't wait to see pictures of your doggie beds in action (post pics on our facebook wall!)

P.S. Joie (who created this amazing tablecloth) told me that she is happy to make a select number of tablecloths, dog beds or other creations for those of you who might be a little too busy but still want this marvelous functional art in your home. Just email me ( to arrange the details.

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