Multicolored Tibet Jewels Silk Sari Strip Ribbon Yarn

Sometimes when you look through high-end catalogs you might find vintage jewelry from Tibet. I don't know, when I saw this ribbon with the bits of metallic brocade and so many colors, I thought Tibet Jewels, that needs to be the name of this recycled silk sari ribbon!

Nice loopy stitches work so wonderfully with this ribbon..think Solomon knots and drop stitches..tres bien!
This yarn is a true multi talent! Knit, weave, spin it together with some of your favorite fibers, crochet, or wrap presents with it, this yarn takes you from January to December and it will never feel "same old, same old". 
This beautiful, up-cycled yarn is created by woman in fair traide co-ops by collecting the remnants of sari silk fabric accumulated during the truing and trimming of fabric during the manufacturing process. The individual silk strips are about .75 inches wide and sewn end-to-end to create this one of a kind yarn! Each 100g skein has about 130 feet (39m)  
If you have allergies to metals, please do be careful with this yarn! It does have brocade in it, which can contain metal threads.
If you are uninhibited by allergies however. Dive right in! This playful burst of colors will not go unnoticed. Make yourself a signature piece. 
Need ideas? Just check out out the patterns section of Darn Good Yarn:)
Stand out of the crowd with confidence! Because you know that your purchase helps Indian women who create and up-cycle this one-of-a-kind yarn. You are helping these women provide basic physiological needs like food, health care, shelter and education for their children.
Length (Yards) Yarn Weight Yarn Material
43 6 - Super Bulky Sari Silk
Needle Size Hook Size Gauge (knit/crochet)
11 and up L and up 3-4 / 1-2 sts per inch
Physical Quality How to Clean Best for...
Varying textures and widths of ribbon, no elasticity, lovely color variety Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or dry clean Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Jewelry Making, Home Decor, Mixed Media

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