Gift Card

Some gifts for knitters make sense; devoted practitioners of the craft will always want funky new yarns, sewing gifts and creative gift ideas involving needles. But what about the other sort of knitting gifts – the one’s given by knitters to their uninitiated friends?

Some may call it selfish, but we think that introducing friends and family to your favorite hobby with knitting gifts is a great way to show your affection. With sewing gifts, your friend not only gets a gateway to one of the world’s greatest pastimes, he or she also gets an insight into your personality and what makes you tick, knitting you (sorry) closer together.

On top of all that, giving knitting gifts means one more fellow knitter with whom to talk about purls and weft, trade yarn, and celebrate successful projects.

We carry a huge range of creative gift ideas that make perfect gifts for knitters, from patterns and kits for beginners to sewing and spinning tools for the more advanced. Of course, the core of our knitting gifts is our ethical and environmentally-friendly reclaimed yarns from Indian and Nepali women’s cooperatives. So grab yourself some Darn Good Yarn and get ready to party!