50 g White Silk Recycled Chiffon

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Magnificently wispy, fabulously reclaimed! This silk chiffon ribbon is such an exciting addition to Darn Good Yarn. Lush (and I mean lush) colors have gone into each skein of reclaimed chiffon ribbon.
Some might ask, "Reclaimed?". Yes, this chiffon is new material but it was left over from the manufacturing process of garments that were using chiffon. So, we sourced it, had it sewn into ribbon and dyed into glorious colorways for you to enjoy!
Each hank is 50g and has 27 yards and the strips are about 1/4" to a 1/2" wide in spots (it's hand torn). Use this yarn just as you would a chunky yarn in a project. However, this wonderful substitute will create a lighter material. So, if you want to make a light weight jacket or sweater for a warmer climate or season, then this is the material for you! We try to source 100% silk for our chiffon ribbons but the nature of dealing with reclaimed materials is that sometimes fabric that are blends sneak into the ribbon. And just another little note, all of the colors are limited edition because they are handmade and hand dyed at a women's co-op that I simply adore and love working with in south western India.


Length (Yards) Yarn Weight Yarn Material
27 5 - Bulky -- 1/2' - 1/4" strips Chiffon
Needle Size Hook Size Gauge (knit/crochet)
9 - 11 K, L, M 3-4 / 2-3 per inch
Physical Quality How to Clean Best for...
Wispy, Lightweight Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or dry clean Knitting, Crochet, Jewelry Making, Mixed Media